Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

To say that the handbag was eyecatching would be an understatement Its colour pink

was shockingly blinding pink. and was hard to miss where it lay on a seat in a quiet

corner of the bar of the pub I had stopped off before catching my train back home.

I carefully undid the clasp and started to browse the contents. A mirror and a compact

powder tin. A busy lady I thought always on the go, a little vain maybe. Nextt I found a

bright red lipstick which made me think, 's'he likes to look good, a business woman maybe?'

I then found an address book maybe this will give a clue to her identity,. mmmm Jeremy,

Cecil, Alfie, Tarquin. Aaa aah,  likely business associates in the world of fashion maybe?

could be a model. Next a pink mobile in a fur-lined case. Keeping up appearances I see

and her favourite colour is pink.

I started to return the contents unaware that someone was approaching. A voice brought

me out of my concentrated dreamworld.

'Excuse me ducky, have you seen a handbag around here love?'

I looked up to see a man in tight pink trousers and a sequinned royal blue blouse-like shirt.

His shoulder length blonde hair glistened as he faced me wearing a Cheshire cat smile.

and as he looked at me I was sure that he winked.  I slowly rose out of my seat giving him

the bag as I passed him in silence.and without looking back I made my way towards the exit.

Needless to say I will not be visiting that pub again.      

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