Sunday, 4 December 2011

40p extra at night in Leicester pub.for a pint.

Last Friday I went in Molly O'Grady's in Leicester. After being charged £3.10 for a poor quality pint of Everards Tiger.I noticed displayed on a wall that there were two set of prices, one for daytime one for the evening making a price of a pint 40p dearer in the evening. Is there a need for this? If the pint had been better quality it would not have been so bad. They even charge the same for john Smiths. Across the street there was a place selling the same beer for £1 pint.
Is this the normal policy for Everards pubs, I have not noticed it at other places or in real ale pubs Or is it just a quick get rich scheme scam for the festive period.
Needless to say I will be avoiding the place in future.

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