Friday, 24 February 2012

The Hot Air Balloon

By Ken P Duddle

‘It’s a wonderful day for it Dangler'  said Robert as he helped Dangler and his guide dog into Mike’s car.
‘I’ll take your word for that.’ Replied Dangler.
Mike and Robert had arranged for a trip in a hot air balloon and had arranged to pick Dangler up at his house. It was indeed a bright sunny day with a fresh breeze.
A short while later they arrived at the small field where they had arranged to meet their instructor Paul. After loading the balloon with a crate of beer and shown the rudimental of hot air ballooning they cast off.
All was fine until half an hour into the flight when a crisis hit.
‘Oh no,’ Mike cried out, ‘We’ve run out of beer.’
‘I think we have more to worry about Mike, look at the dark sky over there.’ Said Robert
No sooner had he said this than it started to rain, which soon turned into a thunderstorm. The balloon swayed to and fro and lightning lit the sky.
Suddenly a bolt hit the balloon and a spark turned into flames.
‘Man the lifeboats’ Cried Dangler.
‘Grab your parachutes.’ Cried Mike
‘Start praying.’ Cried Robert.
‘Woof woof. Barked Boozer.
The balloon rocked, swayed and rose up and down as it started to descend.
‘Oh look at that wonderful God’s rainbow.’ Remarked Robert as the balloon plummeted earthward.
‘I do believe we are going to crash on the roof of that building over there.’
This turned out to be an accurate statement as a few seconds later the balloon hit the ground, the basket crumbling and throwing the occupants onto the concrete roof.
Mick staggered over to the edge of the building and looked over.
‘Hey lads I think we have been lucky.’
‘Whad’ya mean. Muttered Robert trying to catch his breath.
‘Robert’ said Mike ‘I do believe we have landed on the roof of The Salmon and that skylight there could lead us into the bar.’
‘Well, what are we waiting for,’ said Dangler as he desperately tried to locate Boozers lead, ‘Let’s get in then Stephen should have some new beers to try today. Are you ready Boozer?’
‘Woof woof.’ Barked Boozer as they all climbed through the skylight to encounter what would be a very surprised landlord.
Copyright © Ken P Duddle

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